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Storing/Preparing Your Car for Winter

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Are you planning to store your car for the colder months? Saving your car from the harsh conditions of winter by storing safely is an excellent strategy for prolonging the life of any vehicle.
However, there’s a lot of preparation necessary for such a process, which can become a bit overwhelming. But don’t worry– Don Robinson Mitsubishi has put together a simple guide on how to prepare your car for winter storage:
  • Give your car a thorough cleaning, not just on the outside. Be sure to really clean out the inside too, throwing away all those wrappers and vacuum the floors. You will be glad you did when spring rolls around.
  • Inflate your tires, but do not exceed the indicated maximum tire pressure. Making sure they are inflated properly increases the likelihood that the tire pressure will be suitable still after winter.
  • Don’t engage the emergency brake. It is unnecessary at this point and can become somewhat frozen in that position.
  • Change your oil and top off other fluids, just to get your car ready for next season. You may also want to invest in some fuel stabilizer for the gas tank.
  • Take out and safely store your battery, but don’t store it somewhere where it may freeze.
  • Lastly – buy yourself a quality car cover, to make sure that your car is protected as can be.
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If you are not planning on storing your car this winter, many of these steps will still help prepare your vehicle for the long winter months we see here in St. Cloud, MN. Such as, cleaning out your vehicle, checking tire inflation, and getting your oil changed before it starts to get colder. All of these tips will help keep your car prepared for the winter months and may keep you from getting stranded in the cold.  

Also, be sure to take your car to the shop to get it inspected. This is always a good time for a check-up for you vehicle as the weather begins to change. And stop by our service department and get your oil changed with our famous $9.88 oil changes! If you have any other questions about storing your car over the winter, contact Don Robinson Mitsubishi, and have a safe winter!
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