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Essential Fall Maintenance for Your Mitsubishi in St Cloud, MN

Safety isn’t optional when you live in St. Cloud. Whether you’re a recent graduate or an armed forces member with a family, your well-being should be a top priority — especially on the road. That’s why Don Robinson Mitsubishi wants to make sure your vehicle is properly serviced and ready for autumn in Minnesota. Here are the essential fall maintenance tasks we recommend for your Mitsubishi.

Brake check

If your car’s brakes are soft, you won’t have the stopping power you need to avoid crashes or losing control on wet, leaf-covered roads. An essential fall-time maintenance is checking the condition of the brake pads and rotors on your Outlander, Eclipse, or other Mitsubishi model.

If the brake parts are worn down, our technicians will replace them with new ones. That way your Mitsubishi can stop on a dime when necessary to avoid a collision or maintain stability.

New wiper blades

As the rain and wet leaves fall on your Mirage’s windshield, they obscure your vision and make it dangerous to drive. You need good-condition wiper blades to clean the glass during autumn. Streak-free glass is crucial for having sufficient visibility while driving, so have our technicians install new wiper blades during your fall-time checkup.

Tire inspection

Bald or leaky tires will lose control on slippery streets and cause your Mitsubishi to careen off the road. Make sure your car has excellent traction even on leaf-covered pavement by getting a tire checkup at Don Robinson Mitsubishi. We’ll inspect the tread depth and replace the tires with new ones.

If you don’t need new tires, we’ll rotate the ones on your Mitsubishi and make sure they’re balanced and aligned for optimal maneuverability.

Examine belts and hoses

How often do you check the condition of the belts and hoses under your car’s hood? They can dry out, deteriorate, and crack simply with age or regular usage. Don’t wait until one of these parts bursts or splits to replace it. A trained eye can notice these issues before they become dangerous or expensive. Let our service experts inspect the inner workings of your Mitsubishi to identify any potential hazards.

Oil and filter change

You should have your Outlander or Mirage’s oil changed at least twice every year — or more often if you rack up more miles on the odometer. You’ll get safer, more efficient performance from the motor if it’s filled with clean, viscous oil. It only takes a short visit for our technicians to drain the old sludge and fill the reservoir with clean motor oil and cap it off with a clean filter.

Battery condition

Winter is drawing near, and soon Minnesota will be absolutely frigid. You don’t want to be caught in the cold with a dead car battery. Prepare for winter now by checking the battery’s age, condition, and charge level now before the temperatures plummet. Our technicians can check the charge on your Mitsubishi battery and install a new, fully charged one if needed.

Brighten the lights

The sun sets earlier during the fall and winter, so you’re going to spend more time driving in the dark. That’s why your Eclipse Cross’ headlights should be as bright as possible. Dim or dead bulbs won’t sufficiently illuminate the road ahead for you to see upcoming hazards. We’ll check your SUV’s headlights and taillights and tell you if the lenses need to be polished from discoloration.

Luckily, vehicle maintenance doesn’t have to be expensive. Bring your car or SUV to Don Robinson Mitsubishi for affordable service costs — whether you drive a Mitsubishi or a different brand. Your safety is our top priority.

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