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Mitsubishi Coolant Fluid Exchange in St. Cloud, MN

Don Robinson Mitsubishi provides world-class coolant fluid exchange service in St. Cloud, MN. The cooling system features a water pump that circulates coolant fluid through various engine passages to absorb heat. Once the coolant fluid absorbs engine heat, the heated coolant fluid pumps to the radiator where the heat dissipates out the engine bay at the radiator. The coolant fluid cycles continuously as the engine operates.
Conventional Oil Change

Conventional oil is also called Regular or Standard because it does an excellent job of lubricating the engine and requires the least amount of refinement. Conventional oil is recommended for a broad selection of vehicles but requires the most frequent oil change service because it breaks down faster than Synthetics with more additives and detergents. At Don Robinson Mitsubishi, oil change service features a Certified Technician that drains the old engine oil and removes the old oil filter. New Mitsubishi-approved conventional oil is installed alongside a new Genuine OEM Oil Filter to restore peak engine lubrication at factory specifications.


When to Exchange Your Coolant

The engine’s extreme heat eventually causes integrity loss for the coolant fluid. Coolant fluid also contaminates easily if a cooling system part gets damaged to expose the coolant fluid to the elements. When your Mitsubishi car or SUV requires coolant fluid exchange, we invite you to our Mitsubishi Service Department for high-end service. The Don Robinson Mitsubishi Service Department is conveniently located in St. Cloud near Waite Park, Sauk Rapids, and St. Joseph, MN.

Why It's Important to Change Your Coolant Fluid

Do you know why it's important to change your oil? Over time, the oil running through your engine thickens and collects grim and dust from internal and external forces. Your coolant fluid works very similarly in your cooling system. Old fluid is rough on soft metals, no matter where that may be in your vehicle. Changing your coolant periodically will help your cooling system run efficiently and effectively as possible.


Schedule Coolant Fluid Exchange Service at Don Robinson Mitsubishi

At Don Robinson Mitsubishi, coolant fluid exchange service features one of our many certified technicians, Mitsubishi-approved coolant fluid, and a genuine OEM oil filter. Service begins with the certified technician draining and inspecting the old coolant fluid as well as the entire cooling system for defects. If a part is found to have excessive wear and tear, damage, or defective performance, it can get repair service to restore engine cooling to factory specifications. Fresh Mitsubishi-approved coolant fluid is added to restore cooling system performance.


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