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Why Seasonal Tires are Important

If you live in an area that gets pretty cold in the winter and has a fair amount of snowfall, switching from all-season tires to winter tires isn’t just a silly precaution—it can be life-saving. Switching to winter tires significantly reduces your risk of getting into an accident, and while you can drive in snow with all-season tires, you’ll be amazed when you make the switch how much better your control is. Since all-season tires are made for anytime, they are not specifically designed for snow.
Winter Tires
Winter tires are made of a special rubber material that’s different from all-season tires. This rubber is softer and more pliant, which makes it much better in cold weather. All-season tires will get very hard in cold temperatures, reducing their traction with the ground, which makes skidding more likely.
Winter tires also have special tread designed especially for gripping onto ice and snow. Drivers who switch from their worn original tires to winter tires report that it’s like going from driving on snow to driving on dry pavement—the handling is significantly better thanks to the tires’ superior grip on the road. Stopping distance is also much better with winter tires, which can mean the difference between coming to a safe stop and rear-ending someone or sliding into a busy intersection.
It’s also important to switch back to your all-season tires when it starts to warm up in the spring. While all-season tires (hence the name) can be used in winter, you absolutely should not drive on winter tires in the spring and summer. The soft rubber is a detriment in warm weather—the tires are far too malleable, and it will make your vehicle difficult to handle.
It may seem like you are spending more when you switch between winter and summer tires, but in the long run it can actually save your money. Switching between your tires makes both sets last longer, so really it’s win-win! If you have more questions about tires or are looking to get a set of winter tires, stop by and see us at Don Robinson Mitsubishi in our Service Department today! Also, to go along with having winter tires, check out the video below for some winter driving tips!  
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