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Benefits of Buying a New or Used Car | St. Cloud, MN

New Car Vs. Used Car
It might seem buying a new car is the obvious choice, but in reality there are plenty of benefits to buying a used car, and which one you choose depends on your finances and current situation. We’ve put together a guide to buying new vs. buying used that will help you decide which is right for you.

If You Buy A New Car:​ 

Buying a new car has the obvious upside of knowing that the car has no damages and the engine is new with little to no miles. If it’s in your budget, you also have the option of customizing and adding packages and accessories to your new car, which you probably won’t be able to do if you buy used. New cars are more likely to have latest advanced technologies, including active safety features, which have found their way onto most vehicles in the last couple of years.​ 

If You Buy a Used Car:​ 

However, new cars are more expensive, both in terms of monthly payment and car insurance. Used cars have lower payments and cost less to insure, and if you get them inspected or buy a certified pre-owned vehicle from a dealership, you can guarantee that the car is in good shape before you buy it. Plus, with used cars, because of the lower price, you have access to a wider variety of brands and trim levels that may be outside your budget when buying brand new.
For instance, if you’re desperate to buy a Mitsubishi Outlander but can’t afford the higher MSRP, you can look into a used model from just a couple years ago or even last year and see if it’s more in your price range. At Don Robinson Mitsubishi, we’re happy to help you find the perfect used or new Mitsubishi car for you that fits your budget, needs, and desires. We want to make sure you are getting the right vehicle for you while still staying within the confines of your budget and desired features.​ ​ 

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