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Mitsubishi vs. Subaru | Dare to Compare

Mitsubishi vs. Subaru
Mitsubishi and Subaru have similarities between brands; both are Japanese makes with many similar models in their lineups and similar features you see on almost any new car nowadays. So which is the overall best in terms of features that consumers put the most stock in, like warranty and cost of ownership? We’ve compared the two side by side so you can see for yourself which brand really stands out as superior.


Mitsubishi is known for its warranties. Its 10-year or 100,000-mile Powertrain Limited Warranty is the best in the industry and covers almost all Mitsubishi vehicles and trim levels, and its New Vehicle Limited Warranty also beats the competition. In contrast, Subaru’s Powertrain Limited Warranty is the same as the rest of the industries at 5 years and 60,000 miles. Also, here at Don Robinson Mitsubishi we offer an additional Lifetime Warranty outside of what comes with the already expanded Mitsubishi warranty!​ ​ 

Cost of Ownership​ 

Mitsubishi cars on average cost less than Subaru cars based upon the initial MSRP and initial cost of buying a vehicle. But the real question is does owning a Mitsubishi cost less than a Subaru over time?​  Looking at warranty, fuel efficiency, and overall repair costs over time, Mitsubishi shows that the upfront costs are not lower because of a high cost of ownership.​ 

We already know that Mitsubishi has a longer warranty, but comparing the MPG across the brands, show very similar MPG ratings, which keeps Mitsubishi and Subaru on the same level in regards to saving money at the pump.​  Take the Mitsubishi Outlander, which gets 31 MPG Highway to the Subaru Foresters’ 32 MPG Highway: very similar MPG’s but Mitsubishi cost less up front.​  Not to mention the 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage gets an incredible 43 MPG Highway, higher than any other Subaru model currently available!

In terms of the cost of repairs, Mitsubishi cars have an overall lower repair costs to most vehicles with the 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage still holding the Top 5 2015 most affordable cars on the road. So Mitsubishi’s better value on upfront costs will not come back to haunt you in costly repairs or high number of repairs.​ ​ 


Although Subaru has more physical cars in its lineup than Mitsubishi does, they essentially only offer SUVs and sedans. In addition to a few SUV’s and sedans to choose from, Mitsubishi has two hatchback models as well as the most affordable electric car on the market, the i-MiEV, so if you want a little more variety, Mitsubishi provides very distinct styles compared to the Subaru similar lineup of vehicles.


This category is a close one because both Subaru and Mitsubishi are well known for their safety features.​  Although Subaru vehicles tend to get slightly better crash test ratings, both Mitsubishi and Subaru cars are regularly named Top Safety Picks and Top Safety Picks+ by the IIHS. Although Subaru may have superior safety ratings and features, this by no means discounts Mitsubishi’s standard for safety in their vehicles.​ ​ 
Overall, Mitsubishi cars are priced more reasonably up front and do not acquire costing repairs over time, have better warranties, and offer more choices, and despite rating slightly lower than Subaru when it comes to safety, they’re still incredibly safe themselves. So, if Mitsubishi sounds like the right kind of vehicle for you, find out more about each of our models and what other great features they have to offer here at Don Robinson Mitsubishi in St. Cloud, MN!​ ​ 

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