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How to Change Your Oil

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Changing your oil is a part of routine maintenance that used to be performed by the car’s owners. Now, with the popularity of quick change oil outlets, that’s becoming a thing of the past. If your car desperately needs an oil change and you’re short on cash, do you know how to change your own oil? Nowadays, the basics of changing your oil is like a lost art.  Here at Don Robinson Mitsubishi, we've got you covered.  
1. In order to change your oil as fast as possible, you’ll want to run your engine for a few minutes. Warm oil drains faster than cold oil. Be careful not to run the engine for too long. The oil can quickly become too hot to handle.

2. Next, drive your car onto to elevated ramps, apply the parking brake, and put chucks behind the wheels just to be safe. Now’s the time to put on safety glasses and gloves.

3. Consult your owner’s manual to locate the oil drain plug. Loosen it with a socket wrench and place the oil pan below it.
4. Finish unscrewing the plug with your hand. Push in to keep the oil from rushing out before you’re ready. Caution: oil may be hot.
5. Now that the oil is draining, it’s time to find the location of the filler cap on your engine. Removing it will allow air in and cause the oil to drain faster.

6. Once all the old oil is drained, replace the oil plug and tighten it. Use a wrench to make sure it’s in place but don’t tighten it too much.
7. Remove the existing filter using your oil filter wrench. Clean the mounting surface. Lightly coat the seat of the new filter with fresh oil. Screw it in by hand.

8. Once the plug and filter are in place, add new oil using a clean funnel. Replace the oil cap and run the engine. Watch the plug and filter for any leaks. If you see a leak, turn off the engine, fix the problem, and restart.

9. Check the oil level using the dipstick. Once everything is all set, dispose of the old oil and filter in the proper manner for your area.
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